'Tis the Season to Have All of Our Damn Shows Preempted by Infomercials


Un-happy holidays from all of us here at Daily RFT.
  • Un-happy holidays from all of us here at Daily RFT.
"Ho, ho, h-- what the hell is this?"

Expect variations on that jolly-yet-pissy exclamation at 7 p.m. tonight, when fans of NBC's half-hour comedy Community flip to Channel 5 KSDK and discover that instead of the series' stop-motion claymation Christmas special, the station has instead opted to air a special of "holiday events" around St. Louis.

Say what?

This isn't the first time the channel has snubbed our favorite community college outcasts. (And to you commenters who told me to lighten up, consider this blogger's disposition considerably darkened. Considerably!)

What's worse? It probably won't be the last. If we can't keep Community in its rightful time slot even with an awesome Christmas episode, what will it take? Do we have to sacrifice our personal holiday wishes (a robot dog and a Roomba to keep it company!) and ask Santa? Because while I don't exactly look forward to sitting on that old man's lap more than once a year, for this show, I would do it.

Oh, and in further television injustice, How I Met Your Mother was delayed for a Dierberg's infomercial Monday. What is this grinchery and tomfoolery? What's a TV-loving nerd to do?!

Did I just hear someone say "get a life" -- or am I imagining things?