Trupianos, Operators of the Defunct Club Lure, Relaunch With New Bar, New Attitude


New venture, new tone for the Trupianos. - IMAGE VIA
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  • New venture, new tone for the Trupianos.
The Trupiano siblings have formally launched a new establishment -- Club Amnesia -- in the same space as their previous Washington Avenue establishment, Lure (see our feature on that controversy).

What's interesting here is the humble and gracious tone they've set public relations-wise. Here's their spokeswoman, Alice Prince, talking to the Post-Dispatch last week:

"The club owners (the Trupiano family/TCF LLC) brought me in to say, 'We made a mistake,' ... and to help manage, let the public know this time they're going to follow all the rules," Prince says. "We want people to party and be safe."
Whoa. That's a far cry from how they sounded back in July.

Here's Prince yesterday, speaking with KSDK Channel 5:

"We want to work with the necessary community partners with the downtown task force, the mayor's office and anybody we can to solve the problem....We are not looking at who to blame or who's at fault, we are more proactive with solving problems."
Now, the Trupianos aren't out of the woods yet, legally speaking; they're still appealing the decision made by the City in September to revoke their liquor license. In the meantime, the siblings seem to be hoping that all parties forgive and -- yes -- forget.