Ass Clown of the Week: Meth Cooks, Unsatisfied Johns, Politicians and The System


Sharpen your pencils! It's time to vote for this week's Ass Clown. You know the rules: Vote for the local yokel and/or organization who you believe brought the most shame to their name this week.

And the candidates...

1. Ryan McNames: The Columbia, Missouri, teen was arrested for soliciting prostitutes when he called the police to complain that two women had just ripped him off. He paid $60 for one of the women to expose her breasts and the other to perform oral sex on him. He never received the latter and wanted a $40 refund.

2. Bill Stouffer: The Republican state senator from Napton this week filed a bill to repeal Proposition B that places new restrictions on puppy mills. Stouffer says Missourians didn't know what they were voting on when they approved the measure in a state-wide vote Nov. 2.

3. Stephen Munn: The Kirksville man with multiple drug convictions was accused this week of having a mentally disabled man purchase pseudoephedrine for him to make meth. In return, Munn would supply the man with sodas.

4. Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System: The state agency overseeing pensions for state employees was sued this week by the gay partner of a highway patrolman killed last Christmas while on duty. Because Missouri law does not recognize same-sex partners, the survivor -- who spent 15 years as the domestic partner of Copl. Dennis Engelhard -- has been denied any compensation from the state.

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