Ryan McNames: Missouri Man Arrested After Seeking Police Help with Refund from Prostitute


Ryan McNames - IMAGE VIA
Not to resort to name-calling, Mr. McNames, but you sir are an idiot.

Police in Columbia last week arrest 19-year-old Ryan McNames on suspicion of soliciting prostitution after he complained to the cops that that he'd been ripped off by two mid-Missouri hookers.

According to the Columbia Tribune, McNames told officers he paid the women $60 for which one was to expose her chest and the other was to perform oral sex. After McNames put a down payment on a car stereo for one of the women, she flashed him her breasts. The other prostitute, however, never came through with the promised blow job.

Instead, the women took the money and left. McNames told police he felt he was entitled to a $40 refund for the breach of contract involving fellatio. And, yes, he knew what he was doing was illegal, but he's performed similar transactions before, and jeez, he never thought he'd be arrested for making a complaint about it.