Missouri Drunk Escapes DUI; Drank Brandy to Keep Warm Until Help Arrived


Man's best friend (the brandy not the dog).
  • Man's best friend (the brandy not the dog).
Note to self: Always keep brandy in the car.

A jury last week sided with a man found drunk behind the wheel of his car following an early morning accident last February.

As the Southeast Missourian reports, Thomas Drummond has always maintained that he was sober when his car slid off an icy country road between Cape Girardeau and his hometown of Jackson. With the battery of his cell phone dying, Drummond sent a text to his girlfriend around 2 a.m. informing her that he'd crashed. He then grabbed a bottle of brandy and commenced to drinking to "stay warm" until help arrived.

When authorities arrived two hours later, they reported Drummond as being "unresponsive." A breath test later determined his blood-alcohol content to be around 0.148 percent.

During last week's trial, a Cape Girardeau County jury heard from a total of five witnesses -- including Drummond and his girlfriend. They then deliberated for an hour before finding Drummond not guilty of driving while intoxicated. Had the jury not bought his story, Drummond could have spent a year in jail and been fined $1,000.