Two Politicians Walk Into an Airport...


No, it's not the start of a lame joke. Or, well, maybe it is. We'll just have to wait almost two years to find out the punch line. 

Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted this morning that she ran into Jim Talent, the Republican whose one-time Senate seat she currently occupies. (McCaskill defeated Talent in the 2006 election.) The two politicos were both at Lambert International Airport this morning, according to McCaskill, and had a chance meeting. 

We already know that McCaskill is "absolutely" running for re-election in 2012, but any attempt to determine whether Talent plans to challenge her has only led to a great big "maybe." 

At the airport this morning, McCaskill asked Talent the question all political onlookers are dying to ask: Is he running?

The answer, again: Maybe. 

This is essentially identical to the answer Talent gave Real Clear Politics a few weeks ago: 
"I am looking very carefully and very seriously at it." 

Two politicians walk into an airport, but will both of them walk into the election? We'll have to wait and see.