Missourian Columnist Gushes Over RFT, Village Voice Media


Self-flattery alert!

Okay, we know how much fun it is to rag on the Riverfront Times, complaining how we're not like the newspaper of old. Well, yeah. But you know, as the song goes, "the times (or was it the Times?) they are a changing."

This morning, David Rosman, a columnist with the Columbia Missourian, has a piece that -- shocking as it may be -- argues that the RFT and our parent company, Village Voice Media, is actually doing new media right with our free content both online and at the news stands. But that's not all.

"They are more than free. All (14 VVM papers) strive for better and more diverse content, remain on the 'cutting edge,' are not afraid to take a swing at anyone who deserves it, and maintain the highest standards in quality and ethics," writes Rosman, who then cites RFT staffer Aimee Levitt's recent profile of black Tea Party star Kevin Jackson as an example of great writing and reporting.

Read Rosman's entire column here.