Lucky You: You're Worth $34.75 in Earmarks This Year


We all know that our junior senator, Claire McCaskill, is outspoken about the need to eliminate earmarks and pork barrel legislation.

Of course, this doesn't mean that all of Missouri's congressional delegation ascribes to this same kosher view of government spending. (No pork, get it?)

CQ, a publication focusing exclusively on the minutia of Washington politics, put together a cool interactive map showing earmarks broken down by state, legislator, highest-to-lowest, all that jazz. In FY2010, our congressional delegation obtained about $34.75 per Missourian in earmark legislation. Sen. Christopher Bond alone, McCaskill's counterpart, sponsored legislation that secured $153,231,000.

While we're by no means rolling in the earmark money (what is up, Hawaii? How does that $289.84 per capita feel?), we also don't have the lowest total, despite McCaskill's insistent rallying. 

Take a look at CQ's map and then congratulate yourself for spending time fooling around with an interactive political data map, instead of wasting time on Facebook. Ah, validation.

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