Wash. U. Gets Named Dropped Last Night in The Office


Yeah, that's right. Last night's show revolved around Ryan creating a start-up social media company called Wuphf.

Andy, Pam, Stanley and Darryl invest in the company but soon realize that their money has gone to a lost cause. Other than marketing Wuphf with t-shirts and condoms, Ryan has no idea about how to implement the technology and actually make Wuphf work.

Moreover, everyone soon realizes that Ryan stole the harebrained idea for Wuphf from his ditsy love interest, Kelly. Then comes an offer from Washington University.

The St. Louis school wants to purchase the domain name of the company. Why? Because they want it for their "Washington University Public Health Fund" a.k.a. "WUPHF".

Will the Dunder-Mifflin employees sell wuphf.com to the university, or will majority investor Michael Scott hold out for a better deal? We won't ruin the ending, though you can find out yourself by watching the full episode here.