Kenneth Tomlinson: Former Police Chief and Boy Scout Leader Now a Child Molester


Kenneth Tomlinson has pleaded guilty to 22 counts of sexual abuse of minors all during the time that he served as police captain of Fredericktown and a Boy Scout leader in the southeastern Missouri town.

In January, Tomlinson was charged with a dozen counts of first-degree statutory sodomy and four counts of second-degree statutory sodomy, with the Missouri attorney general's office accusing him of "deviate sexual intercourse" with three boys under the age of 17, 14 and 12.

The acts occurred after March 2009 with the boys telling authorities that most incidents happened in Tomlinson's truck with the scout leader giving them naked pictures of girls.

In a statement today, attorney general Chris Koster said Tomlinson abused his position of authority.

"It is tragic and unfathomable that a person in a position of trust and influence, especially trust and influence over minor children, would take personal advantage and would abuse that trust," Koster said. "I send my concern and sympathy to the victims and family members harmed by this act of betrayal."

Tomlinson, a bear of man standing 6-foot-two and weighing north of 400 pounds, had no prior criminal record. He'll be sentenced in February.