Dan McLaughlin Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving; Settles Daily RFT Poll


Well, that settles that.

Yesterday an attorney for Cardinals' television broadcaster Dan McLaughlin confirmed his client was driving under the influence when he was pulled over on Highway 40 in Chesterfield last August.

McLaughlin has been placed on two-year probation and already completed community service, according to his lawyer. The Fox Sports Midwest broadcaster refused to submit to a breathalyzer test following his arrest, prompting Daily RFT to ask readers to make the call based on McLaughlin's mugshot.

More than 83 percent of Daily RFT respondents believed McLaughlin to be "pants-shitting drunk" in the photo. Another 16 percent thought perhaps he was just deliriously happy. Now we know, and -- as G.I. Joe always tells us, "Knowing is half the battle."