Patty Bigbee: Ass Clown of the Week


Bigbee or is it Big Ass?
  • Bigbee or is it Big Ass?
It was a nail-biter that came down to the very end. Over the weekend our Ass Clown of the Week anal-ysts thought for sure that the federal authorities trying to confiscate Camp Zoe would come from, um, behind and capture the crown.

Alas, it would not be. Patty Bigbee, the grandma ex-convict who two years ago won $1 million in the Missouri Lottery and is now broke after squandering all her winnings, was just too strong a contender. Bigbee took 39 percent of the vote after being accused last week of trying to sell her grandson for cash.

The federal agents who were shocked to discover drug use at the concert venue Camp Zoe garnered 31 percent of the vote. Coming in third place with 21 percent of all ballots cast was a California debt-collector accused of harassing a Belleville woman by threatening -- among other things -- to kill her and/or eat her dog if she didn't pay her bills.

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