Could Anti-Prop B Campaign Be Sneaky Influential?


​It seems that Prop B is the issue that just won't die. Voted in by a 60,000-vote margin a week and a half ago, there's already talk of state legislature gutting the new regulations come January. 

Here at Daily RFT we did a little electoral math of our own. Like, actual math. (Don't worry, we used a calculator.) We were curious to see how the money broke down for both campaigns on a per-vote basis.

The results were surprisingly disparate in light of how close the race was. You can find them behind the jump!
It's a well-known fact by now that the Yes! on Prop B campaign far out-fundraised and out-spent the anti-Prop B campaign, Alliance for Truth. But by just how much? The Missouri Ethics Commission's final tally of the Alliance for Truth's fundraising came in at $121,851.47. Tiny, especially compared to the Missourians for the Protection of Dogs/Yes! on Prop B's $4,018,721.66

Divided by the number of votes each side won, the per-vote spending pans out to: 

Yes on B: $4.04 spent per vote
No on B: $0.13 spent per vote

If No on B came that close to victory while spending a fraction of the pro-B campaign's budget, could their influence in the new legislative session be even more powerful than anticipated as well?