Top 5 Vicious Comments Made to Belleville Woman by Collection Agent


Unable to pay off a funeral? Don't answer the phone... - IMAGE VIA
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  • Unable to pay off a funeral? Don't answer the phone...
Tammy Henshaw of Belleville freely admits it: She's in debt. But does she deserve death threats against her? And her dog?

Henshaw's daughter died last spring and got a proper burial, but Henshaw couldn't pay it off. The funeral home  turned over her debt to a California collection agency, Rumson, Bolling and Associates.

Henshaw recorded some of their harsh phone calls, then went to KMOV (Channel 4). Below are the top five things the collection agent told her:  

5) "You're the deadbeat piece of trash crackerhead."

4) "Go brush your teeth and quit barkin'."

3) "I'm in charge. I'm in charge, I'm gonna do whatever I feel like it [sic]."

2) "Are you going to pay this bill or not, or am I going to have to kill you?"

1) "We're gonna have your dog arrested, we're gonna shoot him up and we're gonna eat him."

Henshaw also told the news crew that the collection agent informed her he would dig up her daughter's body and hang it from a tree.

Watch reporter Chris Nagus' full segment by clicking here.