Samwell Gets 15 More Minutes of Fame in New Jon Hamm Mash-Up



Of course you remember Samwell. How could you not remember Samwell? The Chicago flight attendant starred in the 2007 YouTube sensation "What What (In the Butt)" -- a video in which he coyly sings, "You want to do it in my butt?"

Hey! Don Draper! Want to do it in his butt?
  • Hey! Don Draper! Want to do it in his butt?
That video was produced by "Giorgio," who, in non-YouTube life, was a St. Louis-based flight attendant. (Real name: Mike Stasny.) The RFT talked to Stasny/Georgio for this 2007 Q-and-A.

Now Giorgio's video is finding new life on the Internets -- and, go figure, there's another St. Louis angle.

We told you earlier this week about the video someone made of Local-Boy-Made-Good Jon Hamm saying "What? What?" 10zillion different times on Mad Men.

Now, a clever producer has mashed up "What What (In The Butt)" with Hamm's "What What"? -- a combination that's so bizarre, it actually makes sense.

Seriously, the Draper/Samwell mashup is either the stupidest thing we've ever seen -- or the most brilliant. Perhaps one YouTube commenter says it best: "Everyone go home; the internet is over. Nothing left to see."

With 76,000 views and counting, we hereby present "Don Draper v. Samwell: What What in the Butt."