Cast Your Vote for Ass Clown of the Week!


It's been a busy week for jack-assery, ass-clownery and just good, ol'-fashion stupidity here in metro St. Louis.

You know the rules, cast your vote for the person whose words or actions you think brought them the most shame and humiliation this week. And the nominees...

1. Phylida Edwards: The north St. Louis County woman didn't take kindly to the repo men taking her 2004 Chevrolet Venture minivan, so she fired off a couple shots in -- as John Cleese might say -- their general direction. Police believe she was targeting the repo men. Edwards says she was aiming for the tires.

2. David Stone (or is it Susan Stone?): The cross-dresser from Belleville has made a name for he/rself dancing in a tutu at local festivals. Now s/he's also known as the person who allegedly slashed numerous car tires last Sunday.

3. Darren Sunkett: The coach of the East St. Louis football team maintains he had no idea that one of his star players (who also happens to be his nephew) didn't live in the district and shouldn't be allowed to play for the team. The state's high-school athletic association is now seeking to strip the Flyers of multiple victories.

4. Frank Bergman: Maybe the mayor of Cahokia was talking on his cell phone when he crashed his city-issued, $38,000 SUV. Or maybe he was just eating some raisins. Whatever the case, Bergman's story just doesn't quite add up.

5. Kenneth McClure: The owner of a south-city comic book store drew a gun and held police at bay for several hours Thursday after officers attempted to serve him a warrant on charges of allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl.