To Our Readers: About that "reCaptcha" Feature In the Comments Section


Regular readers (and commenters) of Daily RFT may have already noticed a slight change to our blog today. Beginning this week we've rolled out a feature called reCaptcha that's designed to stop spam comments from appearing on our website.

Readers who leave comments on Daily RFT now have to enter a couple security words before their message will appear on our site. You've seen similar security features on the Internet for years now.

Nothing you leave in the reCaptcha gives us any information about you. It's simply a way to stop "spam bots" from attacking our servers -- which has happened several times over the past few months causing the site to crash or run unusually slow. 

The reCaptcha is a temporary fix for this problem. Look for a more enhanced -- and fluid -- security feature for comments later on this year. More on that when it arrives.

Carry on. Or, heck, even leave us a message. We dare ya.