Jennifer McConnell: Wedding Photographer Wins Ass Clown of the Week


That's right, g-rrr-lfriend.
  • That's right, g-rrr-lfriend.
The results are in, and for the first time ever, a wedding photographer has taken the title of Daily RFT's Ass Clown of the Week.

Jennifer McConnell, proprietor of Fotos 4 Life, walked away with 43 percent of the vote after the Better Business Bureau last week warned consumers that McConnell had literally left several brides at the altar -- failing to appear to photograph their weddings or simply never sending them the pictures taken during the event.

Second place went to Rich Stephens, the guy who's publicly challenging (via a billboard affixed to the back of his pickup truck) to fight a Byrnes Mill police officer who arrested him.

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