St. Clair Sheriff Unleashes "The Exterminator"; Armored Truck Will Target Nuisance Properties


There's a new crime fighter in metro East St. Louis. Its name is "The Exterminator" and it's looking to shame bad guys into acting straight.

Think of The Exterminator as the bad-ass cousin of David Hasselhoff's K.I.T.T. A 12,000-pound former armored truck with a re-built engine and suspension, The Exterminator is outfitted with tires filled with hard foam that won't go flat, infrared surveillance cameras, a padlocked hood, a locked gas cap, and protective screens over the head and tail lights.

The sheriff's department plans to park the vehicle in front of the problem properties with law officers able to view video from The Exterminator streamed live to their computers and smart phones. We suggest you get on The Exterminator's good side by friending it now on Facebook or following it on Twitter.