St. Louis County Man Faces Stiff Penalty for Selling Fake Erectile Dysfunction Medication


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Mark Hughes, a 47-year-old St. Louis County man, pleaded guilty Monday to selling thousands of fake Viagra and Cialis pills over the last several years.

We think it sounds like he should bone up on proper business practices? It's going to be hard to explain this one at his next high school reunion? Perhaps one would even say Hughes has gone soft?

Oh, the places we could go with this.

Hughes ordered the prescriptions in bulk from India and China, and then resold them illegally through word of mouth and an unlicensed pharmacy at a going rate of $5 per pill. The pills he was selling contained only trace amounts of, if any, medication that would treat erectile dysfunction.

His last shipment of 1,000 pills was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection last year, and investigators delivered it to his house, which they then searched. Hughes admitted to buying an excess of 11,000 phoney pills.

Hugh es pleaded guilty to trafficking counterfeit goods and misbranding a drug, crimes that could mean multiple years in federal prison. He's up for sentencing in January.

Heh. "Up for." Heh.