Rod Jetton Sex Trial Won't Happen This Month; New Date TBD


Rod Jetton
  • Rod Jetton
Rod Jetton
The much-anticipated jury trial of former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton on charges that he assaulted a woman during a night of S&M sex has been delayed indefinitely. 

The Southeast Missourian reports that the two-day in New Madrid County, which was to begin October 28, has been indefinitely postponed.

The delay follows depositions earlier this month of the victim, Mary Elizabeth Lowe, in which new text messages and medical information came to light.

"It raises a bunch of new questions for me," Stephen Wilson, Jetton's attorney, tells the Missourian.

Jetton reportedly reconnected with Lowe, a former classmate of his, via Facebook and the two began calling and texting each other thereafter. On November 15 of last year Jetton allegedly went to Lowe's home where they engaged in rough sex in which Lowe was to use the safe-word of "green balloons" if it got too physical for her.

Jetton is accused of second-degree assault resulting in bruising to Lowe's face, neck and thigh. If convicted, he faces the possibility of six months in prison and a whopping $5,000 fine.