Political Drinking: Robin Carnahan, Roy Blunt Debate Tonight


Senatorial hopefuls Robin Carnahan and Roy Blunt will square off tonight in Kansas City and again tomorrow at Lake of the Go Carts. Only tonight's debate will be televised -- 9 p.m. on KETC Channel 9.

So, what to look for in tonight's debate? Political blogger John Combest has a few ideas. This morning Combest is out with the "Official Blunt-Carnahan Debate Drinking Game." (Download a .pdf of the game at the previous link.)

Combest is betting you'll get plenty tipsy drinking whenever Carnahan mentions the words "Wall Street", "bail out", and "insider" when addressing her opponent. The same goes when Blunt utters the names "Harry Reid", "Nancy Pelosi", and "Barack Obama" when talking about Carnahan. And that doesn't include the drinks you'll have whenever Blunt mentions "growing up in a four-room shack" and Carnahan talks about "being a farmer."

If you still need some background on the candidates, Post-Dispatch reporter Jake Wagman has written two mini-profiles of Carnahan and Blunt this week -- including today's story on Carnahan, which (based on the ridiculous dateline attached to the story) was filed from "4,000 feet above Lake Ozark, Mo."