SLU Students Being Cheated Out of Apartment Deposits, Says BBB


Kids these days. What's wrong with them? They're always walking around, dying their hair blue, poking holes in their faces. Their underwear is always hanging out of those baggy trousers they insist on wearing. And then they have the nerve to actually try and get their apartment deposit back when their lease is over and they have abided by their rental agreements and caused no harm to the unit? 


The Better Business Bureau is sounding warning bells about Creve Couer-based Midland Management Corp., which manages the University Heights Loft Apartments at 3720 Laclede Ave., which are primarily rented out by St. Louis University students. Renters and their parents have complained that their security deposits are not being returned within 30 days of the end of tenancy, as the law requires.

The father of one tenant told the BBB that "the whole thing just reeks," according to a press release. His daughter and the two friends she shared a unit with didn't receive their $900 deposit back until he drove to the management company's offices and threatened legal action. 

Kathy Keiman, Midland's director of property management, cited communication difficulties and technical issues that have the deposits being returned "a little slowly," when the BBB contacted her. 

The BBB has received more than 30 complaints about Midland Management, they say, mostly regarding key deposits and security deposits. 

Midland has also found a negative spotlight on, regarding a tenant's complaints about their Soulard Market Loft Apartments. 

Midland Management has not returned Daily RFT's calls seeking comment.