St. Charles Bikers Free to Ride: Proposed Ban Struck Down


St. Charles County Council struck down a proposal Monday night that would have banned bicyclists from the narrow semi-rural roads in the county, reports the Post-Dispatch

The County Council voted unanimously, 6-0, against the ban. (One Council member was absent from the meeting.) Even Councilman Joe Brazil, who has been a fervent advocate for the bill (though supporting his arguments with questionable statistics and logic) and indeed sponsored the bill, voted against it last night. 


Brazil told the P-D that though he and a majority of his constituents still thought there should be a ban, after hearing advocates both for an against the ban at last night's meeting, he thought an alternative measure pertaining to permits and equipment may also be adequate. 

Not that any of that means he had to vote against his own bill, but, uh, ok. 

The council may vote on these alternative measures--which would include a color coding system for the roads, and signs declaring visibility risks--on October 12. 

But Brazil, surely you can't be content with trusting experienced bikers with their own safety, as the signs would do!

"If you want to ride on them and take chances, that's unfortunate, but you can't fix stupid," Brazil said. 

Ah, that's more like it.