Who's the First Rapper to Really, Really Love St. Louis in Song?


Taz: Originally "So, St. Louis"?
  • Taz: Originally "So, St. Louis"?
Taz: Originally "So, St. Louis"?
Riverfront Times' clubs editor Diana Benanti has a truly remarkable piece of investigative journalism over at our music blog, A to Z.

The story surrounds rapper Corle 2 Da's new video "So, St. Louis" that we featured on this blog earlier in the month. As some commenters noted back then, the song and video seemed very similar to Murphy Lee's song from last year, "STL Niggaz."

But wait! Now we learn that there was actually another St. Louis paean made a year or two before Corle 2 Da or Murphy Lee's song. It's also called "So, St. Louis" by the artist, Taz.

Check the controversy (and view all three videos!) over at A to Z.