Rep. Brian Nieves: Packing Heat 97 Percent of the Time


Another day at the office.
  • Another day at the office.
Another day at the office.
Brian Nieves has dodged a bullet, so to speak.

On Friday the Franklin County prosecutor's office announced it will not seek criminal charges against the Republican state representative involving allegations that he roughed up and threatened with a gun a rival campaign worker.

Speaking with the St. Louis Beacon last night, Nieves says he has no hard feelings against Shawn Bell -- the alleged victim who filed a detailed police complaint against Nieves last month. Nieves, who won a GOP primary state Senate in August, hopes that Bell would now withdraw his civil case against him.

As for Bell's allegation that Nieves had a gun on him the day he supposedly roughed him up inside his Senate campaign office, Nieves tells the Beacon that, yes, chances are good he did have a firearm on him that day -- though he didn't threaten Bell with the weapon.

"On any given day, 97 percent of the time, Brian Nieves is carrying a gun," said Nieves speaking in the third-person dialect common among cavemen. Nieves declined to answer whether or not he packs heat in the state Capitol. "That's none of your business," he told the reporter.