Rush Limbaugh and Koran-Burning Preacher Were Cape Girardeau High School Classmates


Limbaugh and Jones, c/o 1969 - CAPECENTRALHIGH.COM
  • Limbaugh and Jones, c/o 1969
Must be something in the water down in Cape Girardeau. How else could a town so small produce such bloviating hatemongers -- in the same year?

Yep. If you haven't heard yet, Rush Limbaugh and the Rev. Terry Jones both graduated from Cape's Central High in 1969.

Curiously, Limbaugh is either unaware of this fact or intentionally making an effort not to connect the dots. As Politics Daily reports this morning, Limbaugh has discussed Jones' plan to burn Korans several times on his radio show, yet never mentioned the fact that he and Jones were classmates.