Uber-Conservative Documentary by Former MO House Staffer Causing National Ripples


The explosive documentary trailer below, which has already gotten more than 2 million hits on YouTube alone (!), comes from Ray Griggs, former staffer to state representative Robert Schaaf  of St. Joseph.
The film's slated to come out in hundreds of theaters in mid-October

Judging from yesterday's article in The New York Times, Griggs is an interesting fellow -- he's currently working on another movie,  "Wind in the Willows," which is weird because the characters are animals and he wants to do it live-action.

Secondly, he's a big Batman nut and apparently tools around in a golfcart at the Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood that's modeled on the Batmobile-tumbler from "Dark Knight."

Lastly, he's also done an eight-minute short film called "Lucifer," which he says is the
story of the fall of Lucifer, whose pride would divide the heavenly host into two warring factions and ultimately bring Sin and Death to mankind.
Note: President Obama does not appear in that film.