Jonathan Franzen Is Too Big for the Schlafly Library Branch


And they say no one reads books anymore!

So many people have purchased Jonathan Franzen's new novel, Freedom, that Left Bank Books is moving its September 20 book-signing event from the Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library to Christ Church Cathedral.

The cathedral, at 1210 Locust Street, holds 600 people; the library, only about a third of that.

Left Bank is probably right to expect a huge crowd. The Post-Dispatch reports that more than 100 people have already purchased Freedom from Left Bank Books. And, the Canadian Press reports that a crowd of 1,000 showed up to hear Franzen read recently in New York City.

Yep, our hometown boy is now a rock star. The only question -- considering the cathedral location and all -- is whether he's the kind of rock star who's actually more popular than Jesus.

Check back with us after the September 20 signing and we'll let you know.