Ass Clown of the Week: Female Pimp, Latasha Jewell McFarland


Hand over pimp shoes, go directly to jail.
  • Hand over pimp shoes, go directly to jail.
What a race! By a slim three percentage points Daily RFT readers this weekend voted Latasha Jewell McFarland as Ass Clown of the Week.

McFarland earned the title after admitting last week in court that she forced a 13-year-old runaway into prostitution -- purchasing condoms for the girl and arranging paid sexual rendezvous for her at area motels. McFarland captured nearly 45 percent of the vote.

Second place with a little more than 41 percent off all votes cast went to Anthony Minor -- the recently released prisoner who killed his girlfriend and injured himself and their two children when he allegedly stole laundry detergent from a Family Dollar and then crashed his car after police arrived on the scene.

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