Former ANTM Contestant Talks Periods at Six Flags



Former America's Next Top Model contestant Kim Stolz and her bestest friends have taken to our nation's highways to discuss the most important issue facing women today. Nope, it's not domestic violence or breast cancer or even equal pay for equal work. It's menstruation!

Well, maybe your period rises to the level of a vital issue if it catches you unawares on a day you happen to be wearing white pants or if Kotex is bankrolling your trip.

Anyway, watch Stolz and friends frolic at the Arch and "spontaneously" discuss Aunt Flo's monthly visitation with a group of women they meet at Six Flags. (And no, it's not because one casually asks if one of the others happens to have a tampon or some Midol on her.) Guys, take note: Sometimes a woman's bad mood cannot be directly attributed to PMS.