How to Guilt Your Lover: Make Fake Lab Test Suggesting He Gave You Herpes


This plan was bound to backfire. Still, it makes for a valuable lesson, although on what I'm not sure.

It's the case of Maureen Sackmann, a former employee of the medical lab Quest Diagnostics, who stands accused of sharing someone's confidential information. According to a civil suit filed in Madison County Circuit Court, Sackmann was working in the lab's Alton office when her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend came in for an STD test. The test revealed that the ex -- named as the plaintiff in the suit as "Jane Doe" -- had herpes.

Sackmann allegedly then called up her boyfriend to report the news. For added dramatic effect, Sackmann also allegedly told her boyfriend that she too had tested positive for herpes, and that she must have caught it from him (who in turn caught it from his ex).

The boyfriend, according to the lawsuit, didn't believe he had herpes or that he had passed on the disease to Sackmann. So, according to the lawsuit, Sackmann crafted a fake lab report to prove she had the virus.

Eventually the boyfriend had himself checked out. The results came back negative. At some point he and Jane Doe began discussing what was going on, and the boyfriend called the lab to complain about Sackmann. She no longer works for the medical lab.

Oh, and she and the boyfriend are no longer together. Gee, that's strange.

Jane Doe has a motion before the judge to keep her identity anonymous. She's seeking $350,000 for emotional distress.