Nelly Does Not Endorse Alec Cortez For Your Baseball Team


Deadspin unearthed an instant classic this morning. Alec Cortez is a community college baseball player in California with aspirations of making it to the big leagues -- or at least some league above whatever he's playing in now.

Cortez reportedly sent this awesomely cheesy video pitch -- set to Nelly's "Heart of a Champion" -- to more than 100 coaches across the country in hopes of landing a scholarship. Not sure how that worked out for him but, judging by the training montage, he's definitely got a future as the star of Rocky 6: Balboa's Baseball Brawl.
Alec, if you're reading this, the RFT slow pitch softball team is looking for another outfielder. We know you can beat out bunts that roll foul and rob homers lobbed over the outfield wall -- but how is your beer chugging ability?