Who is Daily RFT's "Ass Clown of the Week" -- August 6 - 13?


Whoa! It's nearing quittin' time and we've yet to post this week's Ass Clown of the Week nominations!

You know the rules, vote for the person or group whose words/actions brought them the most shame and/or embarrassment this week.

1. Brandon Phillips: The Cincinnati Reds infielder was left eating his words when he called the Cardinals "little bitches" this week during an interview -- words that provoked a bench-clearing brawl between the two teams and a three-game sweep by the visiting Redbirds.

2. Ed Martin: The Republican candidate appeared to be stretching the truth this week when he sent out a press release announcing that Congressman Russ Carnahan had agreed to debates to be moderated by Martin's political friend and pitchman, Martin Duggan.

3. Andy Schlafly: The St. Louis native -- now living in New Jersey -- who's rewriting the Bible purged of "liberal influences" and who made news this week for his writings that Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is more left-wing hogwash.

4. Metro: The routinely cash-strapped St. Louis transit agency angered organizers of Soulard Oktoberfest when it turned down $11,000 in advertising this week after deciding that two sets of advertisements -- depicting women in lederhosen -- were too sexy for its riders.

5. Brian Nieves: The state representative from Franklin County, and recent winner of the Republican primary for state senate District 26, was accused this week of beating and holding captive a man working for one his political rivals.

6. Shawn Bell*: The campaign worker for GOP primary candidate Dick Stratman who told police that he screamed and curled into a ball when Nieves allegedly made fun of his weight and attacked him last week.

*Note: We've included Bell here for fairness, as his claims remain unsubstantiated. And, as Nieves' supporters have argued, could have been made solely to damage Nieves' reputation.

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