Marty Sigillito: Ass Clown of the Week


Marty Sigillito
  • Marty Sigillito
Daily RFT readers have spoken, and in a majority decision they've voted Marty Sigillito as Ass Clown of the Week.

Sigillito, an American Anglican bishop with an uncanny resemblance to Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor, earned 56 percent of the vote after the Riverfront Times last week exposed how the St. Louis-based cleric allegedly bilked investors out of more than $45 million in a massive pyramid scheme.

Second place -- with 42 percent of the vote -- went to John Wesley Jones, a man suspected of taking part in the theft last week of ATM Solutions in Midtown St. Louis in which the robbers may have gotten away with $11 million.

Jones (right) was arrested last week after police eyed him hanging out near their investigation. After a brief car chase, Jones was apprehended with what officials are now saying was more than $500,000 in cash in the trunk of his car.