Scam Artist from Bogus Missouri Agency Wants Your Social Security Number


In the age of e-mails from dethroned Nigerian princes, it's nice to see a scam artist practicing fraud over the good ol' telephone.

Posing as an agent of the fictitious Missouri Financial Crimes Unit, a man with a heavy Middle Eastern accent who calls himself Nick Fleming (not to be confused with St. Louis civic cheerleader Dick Fleming) is allegedly dialing up people in Illinois and Ohio to inform them that one of their family members is involved with some kind of shady and ill-defined loan fraud.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Mr. Fleming then asks the target to call him back at 417-454-5000 or 760-514-0143 and provide personal information -- including their date of birth and Social Security number.

Curious, Daily RFT today dialed up the numbers with our Social Security card in hand ready to spill our guts to the dubious agent.

Unfortunately, for us, it seems that Fleming's numbers have all been disconnected. According to the JeffCo sheriff's department the numbers all appeared to originate with an overseas telephone IP address.

Oh, and the sheriff wants to remind you again. Don't give out your personal information to strangers over the phone -- especially ones with English-sounding names and funny accents.