Ass Clown of the Week: Rotten Jailers, Yogis, Holier-Than-Thou Politicians, Taco Bunglers


It's that time of the week again. Time for you to vote for the local newsmakers whose words or deeds you thought brought them the most shame and infamy over the last few days.

And the nominees...

1. Vernon Wilson and Valeria Jackson: The father-daughter jailers accused of encouraging inmates at the Potosi Jail to beat and threaten other prisoners. Jackson, has already pleaded guilty, and is testify against her father.

2. Ed Martin: The Republican candidate for Congress who in a radio interview this week suggested that Obama and his opponent -- incumbent Russ Carnahan -- are secretly trying to keep Americans from finding God.

3. Joel Snider: We're breaking an Ass Clown of the Week rule by nominating someone accused of murder. But the story of Joel Snider is just too weird not to include. Last week the yoga instructor from St. Louis was accused of very un-yoga-like crime of killing his former yoga instructor in Pennsylvania. Oh, and prior to the murder Snider sent emails to another yogi outlining how he planned to execute the crime.

4. Del Taco Clowns: Two St. Louis teens -- Mark Slater and Caseame Willis -- were charged with first-degree robbery and armed criminal action then they held up the Del Taco on McCausland while wearing what employees described as a "clown mask". The, ahem, clowns dropped a backpack full of cash while fleeing the scene and were later arrested when they returned to the restaurant looking for it.