Chuck Purgason: State Senator Can Talk All Night -- and Did!


Purgason: Purged everything he had last night.
  • Purgason: Purged everything he had last night.
State Senator Chuck Purgason (R - Caufield) ended his 21-hour filibuster moments ago.

Purgason had been trying to block a vote for a bill to provide $150-million in tax incentives to Ford Motor Company. After nearly an entire day spent reading emails and letters from supporters, Purgason relinquished control of the floor around  9 a.m. He had done most the talking during the filibuster with the help of a just a few relief stints from colleagues such as Matt Bartle (R - Lee Summit), who used the time to talk about his favorite barbecue joint.

On Monday Purgason was removed from the chair of his Senate committee for refusing to hear the bill -- a move we here at Daily RFT applauded Purgason for earlier this month.

The bill is expected to come up for a vote later this week.