Charlack Will Use Speed Cameras on 170 Despite Criticism


'Cause really, isn't that what they're all about?
  • 'Cause really, isn't that what they're all about?
Charlack is pushing ahead with the use controversial speed cameras along its quarter-mile section of Highway 170 in north St. Louis County.

The cameras began issuing tickets last week. Charlack's mayor and police chief tell the Post-Dispatch this morning that the sole purpose of the cameras is to get people to slow down on the inner-belt. Critics -- including St. Louis County police chief Tim Fitch -- contend that the cameras are all about generating revenue with $100 citations.

Just last week, Fitch reiterated his displeasure of the cameras, equating them to acne and suggesting that they're all about money with municipalities motivated by the "millions of dollars" in possible fees.