Guy Slashes Officer With Box-Cutter, Isn't Fased by Taser, Crashes Car


"Do not arrest me! HOWL." - IMAGE VIA
About that 48-year-old white dude who was pulled over by the coppers at Washington Avenue and 14th street on Monday at 8 p.m.: he may or may not have been transformed into a primal savage by the aura of chotch-itude emanating from certain nearby bars. We don't know.

What we DO know is that he was NOT pleased to be detained.

According to police (who've not yet named the man):
The officers approached the car and the asked the suspect to get out of the car. The suspect resisted the officers and cut one of the officers with a box cutter. The officers deployed a taser but it had no effect on the suspect. The suspect attempted to drive away but struck a traffic box.
Box-cutter? Taser had no effect? Moronic escape fail? Who was this rough beast?