NAACP Sides with St. Louis County Police


The Post-Dispatch has an interesting piece today about the local NAACP backing St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch in his desire to consolidate some of the county's 65 policing agencies.

In a public letter this week the civil rights group stated:
The county branch of the NAACP has been inundated with complaints and reports of traffic types of harassments by small municipalities in and around the inner core of north St. Louis County.

There seems to be a pervasive disrespect that many of these small town police officers have ... One would wonder if these officers have been trained or are even qualified to be police officers.
In March, Fitch made similar allegations against several unnamed municipalities believed to be mostly located in north St. Louis County. Fitch confirms that his police department recently delivered an investigation to St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch into several municipalities that allegedly employ unlicensed officers.