O'Fallon to Hold Ugly Pickup Truck Contest


O'Fallon or bust!
  • O'Fallon or bust!
Gentlemen, start your jalopies! Then head over yonder to O'Fallon, Missouri, where next month the town will host its first-ever Ugly Pickup Truck Contest.

Why such an event? Is it that O'Fallon is awash in ugly trucks?

"Oh, no, that's not the case," O'Fallon's director of public relations, Tom Drabelle, tells Daily RFT. "It's just something we came up with as a joke really, and then we took it from there."

The event kicks off at 4 p.m. July 16 at the city's Fort Zumwalt Park with winners named for the following three categories:

1. "It Gets You from Point A to Point B"
2. "Junkyard Worthy"
3. "Overall Ugliest Pickup"

Drabelle tells us that as of right now the only prize winners will receive is the pride in knowing their vehicle is and award-winning eyesore. Download applications for the contest here.

One more thing: You can't tow your pickup to the competition. It has to make it there on its own.

Oh, and you can't leave your ugly truck in Fort Zumwalt Park after the competition. Drive it over to St. Peters, and dispose of it there!