Man Angry Over Weed-Whacker Noise Tries to Mow Down Lawn Worker with His Car


Wright: Or was he wrong?
  • Wright: Or was he wrong?
Once again, don't f--- with old people. And especially don't f--- with them when they're out antiquing and their shopping trip gets interrupted by someone calling them up on one of those dagburn cell phones with all them tiny little buttons.

A lawn worker in Sturgeon, Missouri, learned this lesson the hard way.

As the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune recently reported, 69-year-old Donald D. Wright was outside an antique store on his cell phone when he became disturbed by the noise of a nearby weed-whacker.

Wright asked the 34-year-old man operating the weed-whacker to turn if off, but the man declined. That's when Wright turned off his phone, hopped in his car and sent the vehicle barreling into the lawn of the antique store. Wright's mission? Do a little mowing himself.

According to police, the lawn worker had to hide behind a nearby tree to avoid being struck by Wright's vehicle.

Wright, of Mound City, Missouri, has been charged with armed criminal action and second-degree assault. He's was being held yesterday on a $50,000 bond in the Boone County Jail, hopefully in a cell insulated from the annoying sounds of motorized lawn tools.