28 Cats Rescued From Columbia Motel 6



Columbia's Animal Control rescued 28 cats from a single hotel room in a Motel 6 on Tuesday, June 15, after receiving a complaint from another guest.

Inside the room, Animal Control staff found overflowing litter boxes and a tarp covered with piss and shit. The cats, mostly oriental shorthairs between seven and twelve months old, appeared to be healthy, if scrawny and dehydrated. But Animal Control also found four kittens in the motel room's freezer. They appeared to have died shortly after birth.

The cats have all been taken to the Central Missouri Humane Society. Their owner, Susan Kohler, faces a preliminary hearing next Friday, June 25, on charges of having too many animals, animal abuse, no vaccinations and unsanitary living conditions.

Animal Control had responded to a similar complaint in March. A day after staffers visited the room, Kohler called to say that she had taken the cats to St. Louis. There was no further investigation.

Employees at the Motel 6 declined to discuss the matter with the Columbia Tribune but said Kohler had been evicted and they were in the process of cleaning out the room.