Don't Be Afraid of Roundabouts, Stupid People, MoDOT Is Gonna Explain Them


I'm cold and frightened and WHAT'S A ROUNDABOUT!?!?
  • I'm cold and frightened and WHAT'S A ROUNDABOUT!?!?
Funny thing about the olds: they seem, in our experience, to be terrified of roundabouts, which is sad because roundabouts are superior to traffic signal intersections in pretty much every way:

  • Fewer collisions because all you gotta do is merge
  • Cheaper to maintain (no lights or electricity required)
  • Drivers often don't have to come to a complete stop, regardless of direction

Besides the fact that roundabouts are just plain different, they're also a very French innovation, which might render certain hardcore conservatives physically ill (thusly we move to rename them "Freedomabouts.")

But wait wait wait -- here's a video that MoDOT just released, explaining roundabouts in that special tone reserved for talking to the very old, the very young and sweetly stupid people of all ages: