Masked Thugs Shoot Pregnant Woman in Face; Incident Occurred Near Lemp Brewery


A pregnant woman is in the hospital recovering from a shotgun blast to her face after two men -- wearing bandanas over their faces -- stopped the car the victim was traveling in around 4:40 a.m. in south St. Louis.

The incident occurred in the 900 block of Cherokee Street, just outside the old Lemp Brewery.

Police report that the 19-year-old victim and a 22-year-old male were driving eastbound on Cherokee near S. Broadway when a red car pulled alongside their vehicle. Two men in the red car -- described only as black males -- said something to the male driver of the car and then opened fire.

The driver was hit with shotgun pellet in the leg but declined medical attention. Police say it's unclear what relationship he or the pregnant woman may have had with the suspects.

Police right now are only providing the age and race of the victims -- the woman being white, the male being black. The woman is listed in guarded condition, a state between critical and stable. It's unclear what impact the shooting may have on her unborn child.