Obama Administration's No. 1 Insurance Watchdog Used to Stir Things Up in MO


Jay Angoff, former Missouri bureaucrat, is now Obama's big insurance guy in D.C. - IMAGE VIA
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  • Jay Angoff, former Missouri bureaucrat, is now Obama's big insurance guy in D.C.
The gigantic healthcare overhaul that Obama et al somehow pulled off this year is going to so deeply change the health insurance game, they had to create a whole new federal body just to deal with it-- and the guy who's gonna run the show used to be the director of Missouri's Department of Insurance.

Jay Angoff, tapped as director of the brand-new Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, is an interesting dude. First of all, he used to be a keyboardist in the East-Coast band Brooklyn Bridge (which played on The Ed Sullivan Show and whose big hit was "The Worst Thing That Could Happen").

He started out as an anti-trust attorney at the Federal Trade Commission and also worked for Ralph Nader before heading to Missouri.

Here's The Washington Post on his tenure as our state's insurance director from 1993 to 1998:
He gained a reputation in Missouri as a demanding but fair regulator who saved the state millions of dollars by creating a "competitive bidding" process for insurers that wanted to cover state employees...he required Blue Cross of Missouri to create a $400 million foundation to convert to a for-profit entity.
And here's an excerpt from The New York Times on what we as a nation can expect from Angoff:
Calvin W. Call, executive director of the Missouri Insurance Coalition, a trade association, said Mr. Angoff's appointment did not bode well for health insurers.

"The industry's survival is probably limited in time, and Jay will be right there to watch it perish," Mr. Call said. "Here in Missouri, Jay seemed to be a proponent of confrontation and almost invited litigation to decide issues that could have been resolved in the General Assembly or through compromise."