"Adult-Child" Slackers, Fear Not: Mom & Dad Can Now Insure You Up to Age 26 in Missouri


Dude, I won't be insured on my trip to Thailand! - IMAGE VIA
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  • Dude, I won't be insured on my trip to Thailand!
In an effort to blatantly overachieve and comply early with some imminent federal regulation changes, a bunch of Missouri health insurance companies have already decided to insure "adult children" up to 26 years old, even if they are:
  • married
  • no longer a dependent
  • no longer living with mom and dad
  • no longer a student

So says our state's Department of Insurance [and of Other Things We Don't Feel Like Including Here].

But who's really gonna benefit in all this?
Any early-twenty-somethings who are married and no longer dependents have probably already landed decent jobs that offer them insurance. That would disqualify them from benefiting from the new law.

You know who's really gonna benefit? All you "adult children," who now can legally continue to be a burden on your parents for just a wee bit longer. And you know exactly who you are, you itinerant backpack wanderin', pot-smoking, booze drinkin', rerun-watchin' fast-food heads trying to find yourselves, i.e., not work.

The companies complying early include UnitedHealthcare, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Coventry and Humana.