Collinsville Catsup Bottle Celebration Named One of World's Ten Quirkiest Local Festivals


So says Time magazine which recently named Collinsville's "World Largest Catsup Bottle Festival" as one of the quirkiest-themed parties in the world.

The Collinsville festival -- which takes place on July 11 -- joins ranks with the "Baby Jumping Festival" in Spain and "Cheese-Rolling Festival" in England. Writes Time of the Collinville party:
The annual Catsup Bottle Festival honors the city's most visible landmark: a 170-ft.-tall (50 m) water tower shaped like ... well, you get it. The tower was built in 1949 for the G.S. Suppiger ketchup-bottling plant, bottlers of Brooks Rich & Tangy Ketchup. It reads catsup after the original Brooks bottle, hence the name of the festival. The daylong event features a ketchup tasting, a water-balloon toss, a hula-hoop contest, a (smothered in ketchup) hot-dog-eating contest and a contest to crown kids as Little Princess Tomato and Sir Catsup.