Ass Clown of the Week: Stupid Criminals Edition


The weather is heating up, and you know what that means? The brain cells of stupid criminals have entered a period of heat-induced dormancy, allowing people to make worse decisions than usual.

Observe, this week's nominees for Ass Clown...

1. East Carondelet Pick-Up Driving Teen: An 18-year-old teenager from East Carondelet, Illinois, was charged Sunday with felony assault on a law officer when he tried to run down a cop with his pick-up truck after police busted a late-night party.

2.  Dennis Powell: The Hannibal man caught trying to bring marijuana with him to prison. Powell was found in possession of the pot while being processed for prison for another drug-related offense.

3. Bud Chrum: The Winfield, Missouri, cop busted buying cocaine last week. Chrum told police he was purchasing the coke to replace police evidence. "The only reason I'm doing this is because I spilled something on about two grams of cocaine, and I had to replace it so I didn't get fired," Chrum told authorities.

4. Teenage Escapees: Three teen who broke out of the St. Charles Juvenile Justice Center Sunday were arrested a couple hours later after trying to hitch-hike a ride to the hospital. The kids hadn't figured on getting cuts and bruises scaling the center's 25-foot, barbed-wire fence. 

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